Megajadi is known for quality abseiling repair and cleaning services. We have enough industry experience to provide excellent cleaning services. We provide ongoing condition monitoring with repairs and remediation to concrete structures, often at height and in difficult-to-access areas.

Quality Repair Services

Our abseiling technicians can clean windows, cladding, and façade. In addition, we are solving building and facade maintenance issues using industrial abseiling. Finally, we provide their service to paint high-rise commercial and residential buildings.

Abseiling Cleaning

Professional Assistance

We provide experienced rope access or ‘abseiling’ service to help you solve the impossible Abseiling Cleaning. Our clients with professional abseil services that deliver over and above their expectations. We know building surveys and remediation projects often require bespoke access solutions.

Helpful for external painting services

Our maintenance services include internal and external Abseiling Painting, repointing, removal of mold, repairs, decorating, tiling, roofing, and brickwork. We offer industrial rope access for high-rise repair/maintenance works. Our professional abseil maintenance staff can scale all heights to help clients. In addition, we offer a comprehensive window cleaning service that includes cradle and Abseiling Repair. Our systems allow for secure and practical access for facade maintenance and multi-story and high-rise window cleaning.

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